Psychic Evening at The Koyla Kitchen on 11th January 2019. 7pm till 10pm

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Hey Guys! It’s Pyschic Evening at the Koyla Kitchen on 11th January. 7pm till 10pm. Come & get your palm read or have your tarot cards read! Hear what 2019 holds in store for you! Kate Kajo has inherited natural psychic abilities that have been passed down through her family for generations. She will be doing palm readings or tarot card readings on the night. It will be £5 for a session, and it lasts as long as the reading takes. Limited number of bookings availabile. Don’t miss out!

Koyla Kitchen – #Bar, #Grill & #Steakhouse | 174 Thorns Road, Brierly Hill. DY5 2JY. Tel: 01384 424 045 Online Reservations: